Obiettivo Casa – Mediazioni & Servizi Immobiliari di Sabrina Franco

Estimates and Evaluation of Real Estate

The professional method used is the UNAFIAIP certified method, in line with UNI 40:2018. The result is a real EVALUATION REPORT, i.e. a precise and timely report that:

  1. a) Provides a snapshot of the property from a documentation point of view, indicating any gaps and /or non-conformities and the possible solutions to address these.
  2. b) Identifies the most reasonable value of the property in the reference market at the given historical moment, through a careful analysis of the strengths and weaknesses.

All-around consultancy and handling of paperwork

The experience gained in the field and a constant training path over the years allow us today to provide answers in any area related to the real estate sector, also thanks to important partnerships with the required professional figures of the territory (and beyond).

Urban planning practices? Land registry and Conservatory? Surveys and cancellations? Floor plans, EPA, Usability? Sworn reports? Notarial assistance? Tax related matters? We can do it for you!

Property Management

Do you have a property that you use sporadically and that you would like to rent? Don’t want or can’t take care of it yourself because you don’t have the time or live elsewhere?

If you are not interested in the “traditional rental” model, we are here to offer you a Professional and Qualified and more Profitable management of your property, in total compliance with the latest administrative and tax regulations on Short Rentals, Holiday Homes and Accommodation Facilities.

Home Staging

We strongly believe in this real estate marketing tool and in the art of “setting up” or “staging” the house for sale.

Discover our BASIC, MEDIUM and TOP proposals. We will choose together the one that best applies to you. Enhancing your property by presenting it in its best light, thus making it more welcoming and more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers, will help you sell in a shorter time and at a better price!

Purchase, Ameliorate, Refurbish

The purchase of a house often goes hand in hand with the need for some amelioration or the simple desire to make it more beautiful. While providing professional assistance for any major renovations (using reliable technical figures and workers on site), we believe even more in the ability to apply small improvements in an intelligent and creative way. Put us to the test! Thanks to the family experience and many years in the sector, we offer you smart solutions of interior and furniture design, which will allow you to make your new home more beautiful and comfortable without necessarily having to spend a fortune!