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Discover the Art of Italian Real Estate with Sabrina Franco: Your Multilingual Expert for an Informed Investment

Navigating the Italian real estate market is a unique journey, one that requires not just expertise in property but also an understanding of diverse client needs.
Sabrina Franco stands out as a beacon in this sector, offering an innovative video consultancy service that breaks down language barriers and provides an array of comprehensive services.
Whether you’re buying your dream home or selling a valuable property in Italy, Sabrina’s multilingual proficiency and wide range of services make her the ideal partner in your real estate venture.

Multilingual Expertise for Global Reach:

Sabrina Franco is not only fluent in French but also offers video consultations in Finnish, Swedish, Polish, German, Portuguese, Hungarian, and more. This linguistic flexibility allows her to cater to a diverse international clientele, ensuring clear communication and understanding regardless of language barriers. For languages not immediately available, she arranges the best interpreters or knowledgeable contacts, given some prior notice, highlighting her commitment to inclusivity and client satisfaction.

Comprehensive Real Estate Services:

Italian Fiscal Code Application: Sabrina guides clients through the process of obtaining an Italian fiscal code, vital for any property transaction in Italy.

Understanding Reciprocity Agreements: Expert advice on agreements between states, aiding international clients in navigating reciprocal property rights.

Nationwide Property Finder: Leveraging her extensive network, Sabrina finds properties that align with clients’ specific needs across Italy.

Due Diligence Services: Offering due diligence for those proceeding independently or with other estate agents, ensuring transparency and legitimacy in transactions.

Customized Estate Tours: Tailored tours in popular Italian regions, providing a first-hand experience of the diverse real estate options.

“Where Should I Buy a Home If I Wish…” Service: A unique service for clients unsure about their ideal Italian location, customized to lifestyle, budget, and preferences.

Additional Services: Including legal assistance, renovation project management, and more, for a holistic real estate solution.

Sabrina Franco’s combination of multilingual consultancy and comprehensive real estate services makes her an unparalleled resource in the Italian property market. Whether facilitating international clients through language-specific consultations or guiding buyers and sellers through the complexities of the Italian real estate process, her expertise ensures a smooth, informed, and successful property journey.

Explore Sabrina Franco’s Comprehensive Real Estate Services

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